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"I have been a fan of reflexology for many years and transferred to Alisa from a previous therapist, when I tried her treatments and found them to be more beneficial. She's very thorough and professional and consistently picks up on problem areas in my body and addresses them via the treatment. In addition Alisa is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, which makes for a pleasant experience as well as good value for money."


"I have enjoyed reflexology with Alisa for 3 years chiefly because of relaxation it provides which helps me to sleep. At the same time Alisa through massaging your feet is able to recognice problems you might be experiencing and give you some relief. A warm, clean environmet, music playing softly in the background, a professional and friendly person working on your feet- what more can you ask?"


I personally love it because it calms my adrenal gland down and balances out my hormones which helps me with depression, stress and hormonal issues. Since my hysterectomy it is my guilty pleasure, it has settled my raging mood swings, calmed my restless legs and hot flushes. I really don't know where I'd be without regular reflexology treatments over the past two years. I really noticed the difference during lockdown of not being able to have them. If you want to feel amazing and relaxed with health benefits, it's worth every penny. Alisa is amazing, knowledgeable and totally spiritual. You just need to start talking to her and you begin to relax and feel calmer.

Belinda W

"I have been having Alisa's reflexology treatment about 2 years now. Because of my age, I am currently going through menopause and although my symptoms are not severe compared to some other people, Alisa's reflexology helps to keep me positive (mentally) and in good health (physically). I don't normally tell Alisa if I have some problem areas before the treatment begins, but she always picks up and eases the symptoms through the treatment. I recommend her treatment to anybody who is looking to get a little help to your body and mind."


"I have only had a few sessions with Alisa and I'm already feeling much better. I started going after feeling very stressed and tense and often felt unwell and lethargic. I also suffer with IBS and after only a couple of sessions I felt so much better generally and noticed an energy increase, have had no major suffering with IBS and really enjoy the time to relax in the session and get cosy, and appreciate that time to zone out of everyday life in a relaxing atmosphere. I had worried beforehand as I am super tickleish on my feet but this is not a problem at all, the sensation is fairly firm and more like pressing on so doesn't tickle as I thought it might. Alisa is a lovely lady with lots of great advice in this field."


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